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Day 20

11 May 2023, Greece


The Place for to Night…

FIRST eat and Drink…😁

This was Greek zaziki – super yummi and mega smelli

Soooooo happy back in the EU 🤦‍♂️😂😂

Find Axel today

Border crossing 😎 easy today…👍🏻😁 EU 👍🏻

My Name town 😁

The following pics are when Alex touched the European continent after “hot Asia”

Recent Travels

Peru 05-11-23

Peru 05-11-23

Kurz noch ein kleiner Schwank fur die deutschsprechenden und besonders Schwaben vom ostalbkreis. In dem kleinen Hotel 👇 gestern wo ich meinte ich ware der einzige Gast, nahmen am nächsten morgen doch tatsächlich beim Fruhstuck ein paarchen Mitte 60 neben mir Platz....

Peru 03-11-23

Peru 03-11-23

Today was a beautiful cruising day (if you manage to avoid the many pot holes) from Monterrey to Barranca. The route started off with a drive through a long valley where you have the cordillera Blanca to your left and the cordillera negra to your right. Eventually the...

Peru 02-11-23

Peru 02-11-23

For today, it was a fantastic ride with the weather holding up and the amazing white peaks of the cordillera Blanca all around you …. The highest tunnel in the world was wet, slippery and dark especially since I forgot to take the sunglasses off 😂😂 Here some shots of...